[FPSPACE] More on MirCorp - flying guests

Dennis Newkirk rusaerog@mcs.net
Sun, 24 Sep 2000 18:14:28 -0600

>Chris Jones wrote:
>>Dwayne Allen Day <wayneday@gwis2.circ.gwu.edu> writes:
>>   Some of the comments in the MSNBC article are kinda odd.  Did aides to
>>   Energia president Semenov *really* say that if Mir fell down, Dennis Tito
>>   and the "Destination Mir" winner could be shifted to the International
>>   Space Station?!!  (And if they did, they need to lay off the sauce.)
>>Probably they're thinking they would fly on the (8 day?) missions which swap
>>Soyuzes.  I wonder if the other partners in ISS could prevent them from doing
>Would this mean that the US could not launch, say, a congressperson
>to ISS without Russia and/or  other partners permission?
>Scott Benson

I asked for the Russian view of selling flights to the ISS in 1997 to
Alexander Derechin (RKK Energia head of Economic Dept.) He said according
to the then bilateral agreement between the RSA and NASA, any country can
fill their seats in any way they wish including selling the seat as long as
they fulfill conditions like physical condition, signing the code of
conduct, ability to carry out the planned scientific program of all
participating nations. He further said the nation with the majority
represented onboard gets to name the ISS commander, and sanctions would be
made if 'secret' information is disclosed by any crew member.

I don't remember ever reading the bilateral agreement, so I can't vouch for
accuracy of the above statement. If its accurate, and given what I've read
about Tito, he probably would qualify for flight to the ISS and appointed
people of any of the ISS partner countries, when the seats are available.

More realistically, one can speculate what would happen if the RSA
approached NASA saying that it was critical to fly a guest in order to
raise cash for Russia's ISS contributions, what NASA's response would be...
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