[FPSPACE] More on MirCorp

Jens Lerch jens.lerch@studmail.uni-stuttgart.de
Fri, 22 Sep 2000 16:26:32 +0000

Dwayne Allen Day wrote:

> The MSNBC article is more interesting to me, because it points out that
> the Russians have discussed de-orbiting Mir next year, possibly by
> February.  

Is it even possible to deorbit Mir by February, considering the 
amount of orbit raising done in 2000?

> This would be BEFORE Titov or the winner of the "Destination
> Mir" contest could fly (consolation prize for "Destination Mir" might be a
> trip to Siberia instead?).

The last MirNews says that Tito [no "v" at the end] is supposed to 
fly in January.
> Some of the comments in the MSNBC article are kinda odd.  Did aides to
> Energia president Semenov *really* say that if Mir fell down, Dennis Tito
> and the "Destination Mir" winner could be shifted to the International
> Space Station?!!  (And if they did, they need to lay off the sauce.)

They could put them in the third seat of one of the Soyuz 
exchange missions.

> But the most interesting part of the article to me is the concession by
> MirCorp spokesman Jeffrey Lenorovitz that "if MirCorp in the next few
> months doesn't find more funds, Mir will be deorbited."  He also said that
> MirCorp might downsize its plans to fly two long-duration missions.

The last MirNews says that there is no money to fly two 
long-durations missions, with Tito being flown during the change, so 
they'll launch him on a 10 to 14 days mission. They also gave up 
teaching Tito Russian and will instead fly two English-speaking 
cosmonauts on his flight (Musabayev and Baturin, IIRC).

Jens Lerch