[FPSPACE] More on MirCorp

Chris Jones clj@emc.com
22 Sep 2000 10:04:55 -0400

Dwayne Allen Day <wayneday@gwis2.circ.gwu.edu> writes:

  Some of the comments in the MSNBC article are kinda odd.  Did aides to
  Energia president Semenov *really* say that if Mir fell down, Dennis Tito
  and the "Destination Mir" winner could be shifted to the International
  Space Station?!!  (And if they did, they need to lay off the sauce.)

Probably they're thinking they would fly on the (8 day?) missions which swap
Soyuzes.  I wonder if the other partners in ISS could prevent them from doing

  According to this article, Energia is really sapped for cash and the
  Russian government is feeling pressure from ISS commitments and wants to
  get rid of the Mir financial strain (what financial strain is that?  I
  thought Mir was supposedly financially independent?).

Even if MirCorp were paying 100% of Mir's cost (something I doubt), since
Energia owns a healthy chunk of MirCorp and receives most of its funding from
the Russian government, it's a drain on the government.