[FPSPACE] That 'Beach Ball' Rescue Device

lee brandon-cremer leebrandoncremer@hotmail.com
Fri, 22 Sep 2000 04:10:11 GMT

On this subject of that Beach Ball Rescue Device mentioned recently: it must 
be remembered
that at the time this was envisaged, the Shuttle was expected to be flying 
2-4 times a month.

It was anticipated that an orbiter could have its processing accelerated by 
cutting corners and
fly quite quickly to a disabled orbiter in space.

By the time the Shuttle flew in 1981 it became evident that this would be so 
easy and surprisingly
the idea was quietly forgotten.

AWST and Omni did some great photo spreads of this contingency procedure. I 
will try to find
issue dates for you. The 'Ball' was planned to be carried between orbiters 
by the now defunct MMU.

Lee Robert Caldwell
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