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I think I only replied to DDAY with the previous message, so I'll try again.
I also found the references I mentioned.  The experiments were done by the
USAF in the 60's

Les Fetter

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> There have been experiments done on animals, including chimpanzees, to
> vacuum and/or near vacuum.  The results indicate that it would be possible
> to survive a vacuum for about 30 seconds provided that the subject is
> repressurized quickly.  There would be significant or severe tissue damage
> and injury requiring immediate medical care, but it can be survivable.  I
> used to have the document numbers for some of the studies, but I have lost
> them.
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> On Thu, 21 Sep 2000, Raoul Lannoy wrote:
> > >It's even possible, but certainly very unpleasant, though not
> > >necessarily fatal, to be in hard vacuum without any pressure suit for
> > >a short period of time. The scene in 2001 Space Odyssey is not
> > There was an interview of Edgar Mitchell (years ago on TF1, the french
> TV
> > channel) who flatly denied ever having said such a thing was survivable,
> > after Clarke had quoted him.  Nobody will want to try it anyway...:-)
> I would imagine that similar tests have already been made with
> near-vacuum.  Certainly this has been done with animals, and I imagine
> that there have been volunteers who have gone through extreme
> depressurization just to test the medical effects on pilots who suffer
> cabin pressure loss at high altitude.
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