[FPSPACE] Challenge to Apollo

Chris Jones clj@emc.com
20 Sep 2000 11:16:11 -0400

Joy <cliched@earthlink.net> writes:

  Some people have asked about the availability of my new book. I just wanted
  to make a formal announcement that the book is now finally commercially
  The book is:
  Asif A. Siddiqi, Challenge to Apollo: The Soviet Union and the Space Race,
  1945-1974 (Washington, D.C.: NASA SP-2000-4408)
  1,011 pp.
  The book is available from:
or maybe not.  I'm eagerly looking forward to reading this book, but I've had
an experience similar to that reported by other members of this list, an
experience that has left a sour taste in my mouth.

Immediately after seeing the announcement here, I called the GPO, and got the
same strange response others reported: yes, we have the book, but we can't sell
it to you because it hasn't been priced.  Three days in a row, same response.
Finally, it was priced, and I ordered it (as far as I can determine, I ordered
it on the first possible day).  Told to expect it in two or three weeks, I was
disappointed to receive a postcard several days ago saying that the book was
out of stock and backordered and I should now expect to receive it in two or
three MONTHS.  So, when they have the book, they can't sell it, and when they
can sell it, they don't have it.  Sheesh!  I can't imagine how miniscule a
print run they must have done if the book can sell out on the first day (or
else I should be expecting to see _Challenge to Apollo_ appearing shortly on
the NY Times bestseller list).

Oh, well, I guess this will end up being a Christmas present to myself.
Gratification deferred is gratification increased, or something...