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> You all probably remember the Cox Report of summer 1999.  This was the one
> that alleged that the Chinese had stolen lots of American technology in
> order to build better bombs and missiles and junk.  That was a bi-partisan
> (i.e. both Democrats and Republicans) report produced by a special
> committee chaired by Congressman Christopher Cox.  As it turned out, there
> were some serious errors in the report (3 volumes--about three inches
> thick).  Some of them were discussed here and they included really basic
> mistakes--dates wrong, the payload capability of the space shuttle wrong,
> etc.  Nevertheless, the report caused an uproar.
> On Wednesday, the Cox Committee will release a report on Russia, detailing
> violations of the Missile Technology Control Regime and proliferation
> issues and things like that.  This is NOT a bipartisan report (although
> that did not seem to matter last time).
> I expect that this report will have a section on Russian space and the
> deals concerning ISS.  I don't know this for sure, but it seems logical.
> It will be interesting to see what it says.  More info should come by
> Wednesday-Thursday.

    [The Democ rat s  have already started to condemn the report. They have
already concluded it is a fabrication.
    Here are some quotes: "Putting this report on congressional letterhead
is sending a fraudulent message to the American people that this is a
congressional report." five senior Democ rat s on committees with
international jurisdiction said in a letter to House Speaker Dennis
The Connecticut Democ rat (Gedjenson) ticked off the number of nuclear
weapons from the former Soviet Union that have been deactivated or destroyed
under Clinton's watch, "If they had done nothing else, that would have been
a great success."  "But, Rep. Sam Gejdenson, the ranking Democ rat on the
International Relations Committee, defended the administration and said the
criticisms were 'complete fabrication.'"As Stephen F. Cohen has pointed out,
they live in their dream world and the Russians suffer. {Or as other Democ
rat s  point out, More people know about the great deeds that Ted Kennedy
did than a few who know the name of some girl he killed on some bridge.}]
You are about to see the Democ rat ic Party's spin masters turn the misery
of Russia into a misunderstood assessment of the Clinton Administrations
enthusiastic embrace of their ill-conceived policies thoughout the 90's.
Hay, what's a few million life savings wiped out, a few kids throwing up a
little too often when some magic nuclear weapons (these are the ones that
can find children remember?) are now deactivated.)

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