[FPSPACE] Nice image of approaching the ISS from APOD

Larry Klaes lklaes@bbn.com
Tue, 19 Sep 2000 07:47:45 -0400


Approaching the International Space Station 
Credit: STS-106 Crew, NASA 

Explanation: Last Monday the crew of Space Shuttle Atlantis took in 
this view as they approached the developing International Space Station 

>From top to bottom, the astronauts saw a station currently consisting
of the Progress supply module, the Zvezda service module, the Zarya 
cargo module, and the Unity connecting module. 

Never before had astronauts seen the station since the remote-controlled 
additions of Progress and Zvezda. Energy collecting flat solar panels 
can be seen extending from some of the modules. 

Soon after this picture was taken, Atlantis docked with the ISS at 
the Unity end. The astronauts have worked hard unloading supplies, 
installing and testing equipment, and even planning to reboost the 
floating space station to a higher orbit. 

The Shuttle and its entire crew are scheduled to return to Earth 
Wednesday. The Space Shuttle Discovery is then scheduled to visit 
the ISS in two weeks.