[FPSPACE] Glen Swanson on Challenge to Apollo

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Fri, 15 Sep 2000 13:43:34 -0400 (EDT)

I'm posting this on behalf of my good buddy and all around great guy, NASA
JSC historian Glen Swanson.  He wanted to add his accolades about Asif's



From: "SWANSON, GLEN E. (JSC-GP)" <glen.e.swanson1@jsc.nasa.gov>

How ironic that NASA, a federal agency born out of the cold war, has
published a public history of its rival. Even more incredible, is the fact
that it is good, VERY good. Asif's Siddiqi's new book "Challenge to Apollo"
is definitely worth reading, if not for the fact of simply checking out what
16 years of meticulous research has produced on a subject that the author is
clearly knowledgeable and passionate about telling. The author has poured
heart and soul into what will be regarded as the definitive western record
of the Soviet space program. After having read nearly one quarter of its
1,000 plus pages, I would venture to say that this work will be one of the
few to break the GPO stigma and move over into the mainstream press. I've
heard nothing but praise for his work to date, which does not at all
surprise me having been familiar with Asif's earlier works through Quest.
This volume came out of a lifelong fascination for all things relating to
the Soviet space program and it clearly shows on every page. I know that
Asif sought to record the story accurately and for himself. The fact that he
spent so much time on the manuscript not knowing if it would ever get
published is a tribute to the honesty and integrity of his work. Works such
as this are rare because the author had no agenda for its release --it is
genuine. If you're interested in the history of spaceflight and never
ventured to pick up a NASA SP, start with this one. You will not be

-- Glen E. Swanson, Historian
    NASA Johnson Space Center

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