[FPSPACE] Issues Re Soyuz Ferry Flight #1

Will Marchant kc6rol@amsat.org
Wed, 13 Sep 2000 07:42:25 -0400

That planning guide shows only two cosmonauts launching on the Soyuz
taxi exchange flights to ISS.  Maybe the third seat gets filled with
some cargo? 

Chris Jones wrote:
> Will Marchant <kc6rol@amsat.org> writes:
>   The short answer is that there will be "guest crews" of two cosmonauts
>   that will bring up a new taxi, stay on ISS for a week, and then return
>   in the old Soyuz taxi.
> Hmm, that's basically the profile of the old Soviet "guest cosmonaut" program.
> I wonder if they'll leave the third seat empty or fill it (and if the latter,
> what criteria will be used).

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