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Chuck Donaldson cwdonald@ix.netcom.com
Fri, 1 Sep 2000 23:40:16 -0700


> Scott Benson wrote:
> > "Koptev said Russia had committed to send another six supply vessels
> > to the ISS next year as well as two manned space craft, after
> > earmarking four billion dollars for the project...."
> >
> My guess is that the correct quote is 4 billion rubles which would
> be on the order of $140M. Unfortunately, the Russian government is only
> capable of funding a fraction of that so the need for Western investment
> Russian aerospace is critical for its survival.
> I know we usually focus on the past of the Russian space program on
> this list, but I'd be interested in hearing people's opinions on what can
> done to ensure that there is a future for Russian space. Any thoughts?

        [Sure. Russian for the foreseeable future should shut down it's
extravagant space program and get back to basics. Begin a systematic
shutdown of all unnecessary Government programs over and above Police,
Courts, and a small National Defense. The earlier Hong Kong had no basic
space program, but it's people were prosperous, free, and unafraid of their
government. Russia does not need a space program for its glory. Russian
needs a simple, decent place where individuals can aspire to their best
unencumbered by a Statist Government. Russia needs a huge bonfire. Take all
of the collectivist laws that have been passed since 1917, even some before
and pass them out as firewood. Clear the courts of all the unbelievable laws
that control "business", personal lives,  the hospitals, the collective
farms, the unspeakable regimentation of their lives.
    Set up a simple constitution, somewhat simpler than the United States,
enact a basic set of English civil and criminal law and leave the rest up
the Russian people. Don't protect them, don't build any "safety nets", just
get out of their way.
    Privatize everything except the Police, the Courts, and a small National
Defense. Arrest all of those who served in the KGB, MVD, and all of its
derivatives from 1940 to 1989. Do not let any of them run any businesses
until they have served a prison sentence of at least 5 years. Send the older
ones to the Kolyma Mines where Korolev served a year of his time in the
service of the state.
    Keep only those parts of the Russian space program that basically pay
for themselves. Start from basics, start from scratch. Don't keep a huge,
costly, for the Russians an unnecessary dying behemoth, going. Free up their
burdens, get these monsters off their backs.]  [I think this is where the
phrase comes in, "He writes and writes." If they get out of the Russian
people's way you might be surprised at how well they will do without a lot
of Government "help."
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