[FPSPACE] The Red Stuff

Chris Jones clj@emc.com
26 Oct 2000 16:44:22 -0400

Larry Klaes <lklaes@bbn.com> writes:

  How did the fate of Soyuz 1 and its stuck solar panel
  affect Soyuz 4?
  At 07:48 AM 10/24/2000 -0400, Chris Jones wrote:
  >So, in a strange irony, the failure of the solar panel on Komarov's Soyuz 1 to
  >deploy saved the lives of Bykovsky, Khrunov, and Yeliseyev.  Spooky.  (And they 
  >reportedly vehemently opposed the decision to cancel their flight.)

Note I said *Bykovsky*, not Volynov.  The three I mentioned were the prime crew 
for the planned Soyuz 2 flight, which was canceled when Komarov ran into
trouble.  As was pointed out, their Soyuz suffered from the same parachute
issues which Soyuz 1 had, and likely would have failed in the same way.