[FPSPACE] MirCorp public statement

David Anderman danderman@constellationservices.com
Wed, 25 Oct 2000 09:46:56 -0700

(October 23, 2000)  News media reports on today's comments by Russian
Deputy Prime Minister Ilya Klebanov concerning the Mir space station
unfortunately have focused on only the first part of his statement, which
addressed Mir's possible deorbiting next year.

It is important to note that the Deputy Prime Minister went on to say:
"However, if there are non-governmental resources to finance the Mir
station, it opens the possibility to change the situation."

MirCorp is very pleased by this statement, which for the first time shows
top level Russian government consideration of allowing Mir to remain in
orbit for future operation by MirCorp.

In the past two weeks, MirCorp has taken its vision for the future of Mir
to the highest levels of the Russian government. Today's comments by the
Deputy Prime Minister are the first signs that MirCorp's message is being

MirCorp has asked that Russian President Vladimir Putin make the final
decision on Mir, and the company has requested that MirCorp President
Jeffrey Manber meet with Putin.

MirCorp continues to believe that its vision for the operation of Mir as a
truly commercial space station is a valid one, and the company remains
committed to the long-term operation of this unique orbital facility.