[FPSPACE] A close look at the Shenzhou scale model

M.Wade@iaea.org M.Wade@iaea.org
Tue, 24 Oct 2000 10:13:38 +0200

I would think that these thrusters indicate the capability and intention of
autonomous operation and maneuver of the orbital module after separation
from the rest of the spacecraft.

There were interesting putative models of a Chinese space station (and the
first Chinese astronauts with their rover planting the red flag on the
moon!) at the Chinese pavillion of Expo 2000. The station looked like a
collection of Shenzhou orbital modules...maybe an indiction of the need for
the thrusters. 

I will post pictures of these on my site shortly (assuming they came out ok
when I get them back from the processors today!).

Mark Wade

> I have uploaded some pictures of the Shenzhou scale model (1/40 th) that I
> had a chance to examine today. Please note the strange orienattion of the
> trusters at the base of the orbital module.
> Sven Grahn