[FPSPACE] ISS and Discovery !!!!

Igor Lissov i-cosmos@mtu-net.ru
Sun, 22 Oct 2000 11:13:21 +0400


>Hello there,
>At 17:42 UT , both Discovery and ISS were passing  right above Antwerp (89
>degrees) , under a clearer sky, about 10 degrees from each other; this is
>the first time I see both of them, separately: it was JUST GREAT !

The same from Mocsow one orbit earlier (16:12 UTC) and only
37 degrees in altitude. Before shadow entry, both objects were
brighter than Altair. I warned a lot of friends in Moscow
including Dima Gulyutin from astronomy and space school Argo,
so they've got a lot of attention. 

Igor Lissov