[FPSPACE] Join the Towards 2001 and Beyond Club with Yahoo

Alex Michael Bonnici albonnici@vol.net.mt
Fri, 20 Oct 2000 18:16:49 +0100

Hello Gang,
             I would like you to join the online club at Yahoo entitled
"Towards 2001 and Beyond." Founder's Message  Towards 2001 and Beyond:
Humanity's Future In Space, is a forum where members can discuss our
future as a spacefaring civilization.

To become a member of this club, just go to the
Web address below:

You need to go to the address above to join,
but you can first take a look by going to:

You can learn more about Albonnici_1998 by
looking at the Yahoo! Public Profile:

Note: This invitation will expire after 7 days, or after
being used.

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enrolled as a member.


Alex Michael Bonnici