[FPSPACE] No more bashing of MirCorp, please

dconst+@pyrrhus.cimds.ri.cmu.edu dconst+@pyrrhus.cimds.ri.cmu.edu
Thu, 19 Oct 2000 17:56:02 EDT

I am sorry but this starts truly bothering me.

Today, Mir was not recommended to be brought down (both AFP and
AP confirmed this). Moreover, the Khlebanov mentioned first
half of the year, not February as the possible timeframe
for deorbitting.

Therefore, MirCorp has grounds to start preparations for IPO.

Any negative (or positive) non-founded information spread via
Internet or otherwise against company, public or going public,
artificially affecting the company stock performance, may be
considered as "Stock Hoax" - which is a crime.

Therefore, I would really urge everyone to exercise caution while
discussing MirCorp.

I don't and did not have any affiliation with MirCorp, by the way.
Constantine Domashnev