[FPSPACE] should MirCorp become philanthropic foundation?

Chris Jones clj@emc.com
19 Oct 2000 07:29:51 -0400

"KEITH GOTTSCHALK" <kgottschalk@uwc.ac.za> writes:

  2) If USA IPOs follow the South African convention, eg. that
  each IPO share costs one dollar

It may not be completely relevant, since it appears that MirCorp's IPO would
not be exclusively a USA IPO (I think I read shares would be offered in
Singapore, maybe London, and New York), but I think it is more common in the US 
for IPO shares to go for $10-$20.  I worked for a company which had a reverse
split (1 for 8) to move the share price into that range, and I know others with 
similar experiences.


      My argument is that the ACTUAL cash that will come from
  MirCorp's IPO will not be more than appeals for donations
  for food-stamp type aid to some Russian space workers. And a
  foundation will keep that trickle, however small, flowing
  longer than the sprint from IPO to liquidation application.

Despite my skepticism about MirCorp's current business plan, I would like to
see someone (MirCorp not excluded) succeed in making space more accessible and
less the exclusive province of small government space programs.  I also think
it is a shame for hard-won expertise in space operations and building
spacecraft to be lost, whether that expertise resides in the US, Russia, or
elsewhere.  I would think that this expertise is commercially valuable enough
to be self-supporting.