[FPSPACE] Yuhangyuan instead of Taikonauts?

Chen Lan chenlan@mbox2.singnet.com.sg
Thu, 19 Oct 2000 15:16:15 +0800

"Yuhangyuan" means "space navigator" or "space space traveller" (Yu - space,
Yang - navigation, Yuan - "-or/er/st"). It is one of Chinese terms of
taikonaut. Others include "Hangtianyuan" and "Taikongren", among which only
the latter are popularily used in mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and
overseas Chinese. All above 3 words use strict Chinese roman spelling system
(Pingying). "Taikonaut" is derieved from "Taikongren". The modification is
to make the word more consistent with astronaut and cosmonaut.

I don't think Yuhangyuan is better. It is not used in Taiwan and Hong Kong.
It is too long and looks complex and difficult to speak.

Chen Lan

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> Chinese Robots To Land On Moon Before Yuhangyuan
> Beijing - Oct. 18, 2000 - China would send robots to land on the Moon
> before dispatching its yuhangyuan ("astronauts") in future lunar
> exploration, Xinhua News Agency reports today (Oct. 16). According to
> Sun Zengqi, a space robot specialist and Vice Dean of the Department of
> Computer Science and Technology of the prestigious Tsinghua University
> here, relevant science institutions are actively studying key robotic
> technologies.
> http://www.spacedaily.com/news/china-00zzj.html
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