[FPSPACE] Re: Mir was a backup to Zvezda Service Module

clj@emc.com clj@emc.com
16 Oct 2000 20:57:20 -0500

>    "Russia is committed to launching 17 special missions to the ISS  
> in 2001-2002, but it is hard to believe the Russian government will 
> be able to finance them," MirCorp boss Jeffrey Manber told a press 
> conference here. 
>    "The only way to fulfill these obligations is to assure the  
> survival of Mir," he said, adding that private capital invested in 
> the decrepit Soviet-era space station could help finance Russia's 
> participation in the ISS. 

This is a crock.  MirCorp is partially funded by the Russian government, and
they're late with their money as it is.  They look less and less credible, which is
saying something, given they seemed pretty flaky to begin with.  I'd say that
the best way for the Russian government to meet its obligations to ISS is to stop
spending money on Mir.