[FPSPACE] The MirCorp soap opera continues (fwd)

DEMPSEY, ROBERT C. (JSC-DF25) robert.c.dempsey1@jsc.nasa.gov
Sun, 15 Oct 2000 11:15:57 -0500

But one of those - solar activity - could not possibly have been a surprise.

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It is important to note that the current issues that MirCorp are 
confronting are transitory in nature - basically, everything bad that could 
happen to Mir is happening at once: money crunches, solar activity, 
mounting ISS requirements for Progress. If the current issues are resolved, 
there is a good possibility that Mir will be around for a good while 
longer, although future soap operas are possible.

For those whose only information about MirCorp's financial prospects are 
Dwayne Day's recent treatise in which he claimed that no revenues from 
space tourism were likely, I should say that the public information about 
MirCorp's  deals represent a fraction of what is really happening, and that 
the public information about MirCorps' revenues from the announced deals do 
not correctly state the potential revenues.

I believe that MirCorp's value is in demonstrating the economic value of 
space stations, and that one day, NASA may use MirCorp as an example of 
what is possible at ISS.


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