[FPSPACE] UK Manned Rocket Aircraft: Britain's X-Plane

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If you can attend this meeting, by all means do so.
    Be sure to do the tour. The museum at Cosford is excellent. My visit a
few years ago was to see the TSR.2. Seeing the early jet test articles was a
    Let it not be said that the English had an exciting start in the
development of jet aircraft. It is a pity that they were held back by
political forces with other objectives in mind.
    Two excellent background histories:
    "Plane Speaking" by Bill Gunston
    "Project Cancelled" by Derek Wood  Chapter 4, "The Rocket Fighters"

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> The British Interplanetary Society <bis.bis@virgin.net>
> TWO DAY Meeting
> UK Manned Rocket Aircraft
> to be held at
> The RAF Museum Cosford, Cosford, Shifnal, Shropshire
> on Friday 10 and Saturday 11 November 2000
> At the start of the 1950s the Air Ministry issued a tender for a rocket
> fighter capable of intercepting high flying, nuclear capable, Soviet jet
> bombers. Contracts to build such an aircraft were awarded to both Saunders
> Roe (S.R.) and AVRO. Changes in defence policy were to mean cancellation
> the project but by the time this occurred, the S.R.53 had already flown.
> However, the designers at S.R. had other ideas for their plane. In July
> 1958, presentations were made to the Ministry requesting that a modified
> S.R.53 be developed as an air launched, manned re-entry test vehicle to
> aid in the development of a British manned satellite (in the same way
> that America's X-2 and X-15 were forerunners of the Space Shuttle).
> The aim of this symposium is to bring together (possibly for the last
> those people who worked on what, with hindsight, was the nearest thing
> Britain ever had to a rocket-powered "X-Plane"!
> Provisional Programme
> Spectre Engine, Peroxide APU & Turbo Starter, S.R.53 & S.R.177 Projects
>  P.R. Stokes, former de Havilland Engine Co & Rolls Royce Heritage
> The M.52 (UK's ill-fated contender to break the sound barrier)
>  Dennis Bancroft, Chief Aerodynamicist on M.52.
>  Presented by TBA
> The M.52, RAE 1947 and the Me163B 'Komet'
>  Capt E.M. Brown, RN (retd)
> The Scorpion Rocket Engine
>  TBA
> The Screamer Rocket Engine
>  TBA
> Political and Technical Issues Pertaining to the Development and
> Cancellation of the UK Rocket Fighters
>  C.N. Hill, Charterhouse
> The AVRO 720
>  TBA
> The S.R.53
>  R.B. Stratton, S.R.53 Project Manager
> The SR177
>  D. Hardy, S.R.177 Chief Project Engineer
> Development of the S.R.177 Pressure Suit
>  Air-Vice Marshal J. Ernsting CB OBE, RAF (retd) former Commandant of the
> Institute of Aviation Medicine
> P.187 & P.209 (and equivalent plans to modify the X-2 to meet X-15
> specifications)  C.N. Hill, H. Matthews, I.A. Moule
> Look at the exhibits at Cosford, in particular the S.R.53 and the
> (the Valiant was proposed as the Carrier for the air launched S.R.53, i.e.
> P.209), and to photograph speakers and attendees next to their respective
> "hardware".
> For an Information Pack on: Registration, Hotel Booking, Gala Evening and
> Accompanying Person Social Tours, please contact: The Executive Secretary,
> The British Interplanetary Society, 27/29 South Lambeth Road, London SW8
> http://www.bis-spaceflight.com/
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