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I would strongly reccomend (alas - Russian only so far...)

Dmitry Pieson

News (09/10/2000) from a site http://www.buran.ru and other information (all
in Russian):
1. We continue the publication of the memoirs ("Triumph and tragedy" of
Energy " - reflection of the Main designer ", in 4 volumes) Main designer
rocket "Energy" by B.I.Gubanov - Now to your attention is offered already 22
chapters of 3-rd volume of memoirs - http: // www.buran.ru/htm/gubanov3.htm
and completely 4-th volume of memoirs (30 chapters) - http: //
Now you can learn all answers to the most frequently set question: "Who, how
and when has closed the program "Energy-Buran"?, - as this unique
space-rocket complex died and who is personally guilty of this crime.
Unfortunately, for some reasons we can not present on a site first two
volumes of memoirs, despite of small circulation of the first edition (a
little than 200 copies), uniqueness and  completeness (encyclopedia) of the
materials, submitted in them.
But 3-rd volume will be submitted completely with all illustrative

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