[FPSPACE] Falling Space Debris in Kazakhstan (fwd)

Sven Grahn svengrahn@mail.wineasy.se
Sat, 07 Oct 2000 22:02:28 +0200

At 08:30 2000-10-03 GMT, Max White wrote:
>This same problem was reported in The Times on September 8th with a
>story from their Moscow correspondent. It was illustrated with a picture
>of a fallen Proton first stage (looks like one in comparison to the
>figure standing alongside it). 
>I gave a copy of the article to Jon McDowell and Sven when we met this last 
>weekend, if it could be scanned for a webpage.
>Max White

I can send the scanned image to those who want it, but I cannot post it on
my Web-site - for copyright reasons.

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