[FPSPACE] from MirCorp to ISSCorp?

dconst+@pyrrhus.cimds.ri.cmu.edu dconst+@pyrrhus.cimds.ri.cmu.edu
Sat, 7 Oct 2000 8:09:35 EDT

Frankly speaking, at this point it is sad for me it to see the MirCorp

I think what probably ruinned the day for the MirCorp is "sales pitch"
about having roulettes and webportal on Mir and like. These statements
did not add to the credibility of the whole enterprise.

This is particularly sad because we also saw a lot of strong, sincere,
realistic and positive efforts and intents in the MirCorp fundraisng.

It would be nice to see these efforts converting into results for a

Constantine Domashnev