[FPSPACE] Maybe MirCorp should hold a bake sale?

Dwayne Allen Day wayneday@gwis2.circ.gwu.edu
Fri, 06 Oct 2000 00:55:29 -0400 (EDT)

Who Will Save Mir?
By Yuri Karash
05 October 2000  	

(MOSCOW) -- Recent speculation has pointed to U.S. movie director James
Cameron as a potential savior for the Mir space station, but neither his
own spokespeople, nor the Russian space agency said they know anything of
such a plan.


The Cameron story has been effectively popped by now.  I think the most
relevant part is this:

"I dont see how MirCorp could save Mir," Rosaviacosmos spokesman Sergey
Gorbunov told SPACE.com. 
"Three days ago the company representatives called RKK President Yuri
Semenov and asked him to put a decision about Mir's fate on hold for three
more weeks. They promised to find $10 million during this period of
time. But it would be very naive to believe that if they did not manage to
find such a sum of money last summer, they will do it in three weeks," he
It will cost an estimated $200 million to keep Mir in orbit through 2001.


Now remember that on September 22, when it announced that it was going to
launch a Progress mission to Mir in October, MirCorp also stated that
Anderson and Kathuria were going to chip in more money from their own
piggybanks to keep Mir going.  A week and a half later, MirCorp is telling
Energia that it will find $10 million in three more weeks.  

Anderson and Kathuria are billionaires.  Anderson probably blows $10
million a week on dinner and gas for his Learjet.  So the fact that
MirCorp is having trouble raising $10 million means that Anderson and
Kathuria have reached their limit and are unwilling to write MirCorp
another check.

I think the interesting question is whether or not this October 16
Progress spacecraft is actually paid for.  I think not.

The fat lady is finishing her warm up and is about to take the stage.