[FPSPACE] RtR update

DSFPortree@aol.com DSFPortree@aol.com
Fri, 25 Aug 2000 13:32:35 EDT

Just a brief note - my moon & Mars planning website "Romance to Realiity" now 
includes over 250 annotations of classic, seminal, and illustrative moon & 
Mars studies, 1950-present. Of particular interest to this group, perhaps, 
are the following -

"The Choice of the Location of the Lunar Base," V. V. Shevchenko, 1988

"Destination Mars," Yuri Semyenov and Leonid Gorshkov, 1990

Mars Manned Mission: Scientific/Technical Report, USSR Ministry of General 
Machinery, Scientific Industrial Corporation "Energia," 1991

"Mobile Lunar Base Project," I. A. Kozlov and V. V. Shevchenko, 1995

"Realised and Non-Realised Projects of the Soviet Manned Lunar Programs: What 
Were the Prospects?" Oleg Sokolov, 1996



David S. F. Portree
writer & historian