[FPSPACE] Iridium destruction set

Robert G Kennedy III robot@ultimax.com
Fri, 25 Aug 2000 09:42:05 -0400

In case you haven't heard already...

>>Iridium Destruction Set
>>8:08:01 AM 8/24/2000 Motorola says 66 satellites put into orbit to power
>Iridium's failed satellite system will be brought down, starting as soon as
>tomorrow. "We're putting together a final timetable," says Motorola spokesman
>Scott Wyman. Iridium told its subscribers Tuesday service would be terminated
>at 8 p.m. (EDT) today, except for calls within the Iridium system and a few
>other exceptions. Motorola will decommission the constellation by thrusting
>the 1,460-pound satellites toward Earth for burnout in the atmosphere. Thus
>ends the world's first MSS carrier. Reported by Newsbytes.

Robert Kennedy, PE