[FPSPACE] RE:--- Virus Warning!!!!

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Thu, 24 Aug 2000 10:13:28 -0400


I would not be so quick to criticize such a posting.  Many of our
readers are novice PC experts and not aware that there are such
sites that monitor these viruses and their hoaxes.  In this particular
case it was done with the genuine intent to convey useful 
information.  Real viruses can and do cause a lot of damage.
I am sure the posting was intended to prevent such an occurance.

On a separate subject, as the FPSPACE anchor down-under,
what has happened with the Buran craft that was shipped there
for the Olympics?  Did it arrive safely and is it on display now?  I
saw the one in Gorky Park again in April.  Not sure how long it is 
going to remain there.


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> I don't know about everyone else, but I'm getting a bit sick and tired of
> reading hoax virus warnings from well-meaning people who, astonishingly,
> never
> think to check these things out for themselves........
> A quick, simple visit to the websites of Network Associates
> (http://www.nai.com)
> or any of the other anti-virus developers would have sufficed, and saved
> the
> rest of us the trouble of reading this nonsense.
> <grumble>
> CATCHPOLECYNIC@cs.com wrote:
> > 
> > Dear All,
> > We have received an urgent warning from Microsoft, to the affect there
> is a
> > new virus - WOBBLER, which will arrive on e-mail titled CALIFORNIA. Both
> > and AOL have announced that it is very powerful and there is no remedy.
> > It will remove all your information on the hard drive and destroy
> Netscape
> > Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer.
> > Do not open anything with this title, and please pass this message on to
> all
> > your contacts and anyone who uses your e-mail facility. Not many people
> seem
> > to know about this yet, so propagate it as quickly as possible.
> > Also, if you receive an e-mail entitled "Win a Holiday" - DO NOT open
> it.
> > Please be on the look out for these
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