[FPSPACE] RE: Gilruth Dies

Williams, David C David.Williams4@PSS.Boeing.com
Fri, 18 Aug 2000 07:10:59 -0700

Just to get an idea of his contributions, do a web search on his name - quite an impressive list.....rest...

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> Relayed from Guy Thibodaux:
> Pass this on to all on your mailing list. Bob died after a lengthy bout with 
> Alzheimer's. He was about 87 years old. Bob was the real driving force behind 
> the entire manned Space program and the inspiration to all of us who worked 
> under his direction. Our success resulted from hitching our wagon to his star.
> JimO adds: He's on the short list -- counted on fingers of one hand -- of men 
> who made Apollo possible, in my opinion.