[FPSPACE] Re: FPSPACE digest, Vol 1 #31 - 2 msgs

KEITH GOTTSCHALK kgottschalk@uwc.ac.za
15 Aug 2000 11:37:17 +0200

>   Now I know they can't pick up people, but they
> could be used to take lines down to the sub.
> Is it possible to use the American Navy's DSRV Rescue
Vessel to start
> pulling people off the sub?  I know there's "interface"
issues and how the
> sub will "attach" to the hatches, but I would think there
may be some
> possibilities.
>  I know this is slightly off topic,

  I think this is less off topic than one or two cold war
vets who all too often veer off from friends & partners
cooperating in space, to suspects & aliens conflicting on
the ground  :)  :)    :)

    Rescue  from the deep sea has just as many analogies to
rescue from LEO, as underwater practice for astro- &
cosmonauts has to the real thing. Pressures are inverted.
But the same crises - how long will the CO2 scrubbers last?
How long will the power supply keep them going?  Does any
pair of hatches interface?  Communications on emergency
batteries, leaks, etc.  & our best wishes to those trapped