[FPSPACE] Soviet DSRVs for Nuclear Missile Subs

Chuck Donaldson cwdonald@ix.netcom.com
Mon, 14 Aug 2000 09:56:53 -0700

Don't the Russians have DSRV Rescue subs for Oscar II class submarines.
Wasn't a Russian ship used in the filming of the Titanic that had one or two
deep sea search vessels?  Now I know they can't pick up people, but they
could be used to take lines down to the sub.
Is it possible to use the American Navy's DSRV Rescue Vessel to start
pulling people off the sub?  I know there's "interface" issues and how the
sub will "attach" to the hatches, but I would think there may be some
 I know this is slightly off topic, but this thing carries Chelomey ICBMs.

    [Note: "The Soviets have had considerable problems in operating their
submarines. Since 1975, they have had over 200 submarine accidents, some of
which have resulted in lost submarines, serious damage, and fatalities.
Reactor shielding in soviet submarines was initially very poor, and while
there have been improvements, shielding is not believed to be up to Western
standards." "Nuclear Weapons Databook" Volume IV Soviet Nuclear Weapons
Thomas B. Cochran, William M Arkin, Robert S. Norris, Jeffrey I. Sands.]