[FPSPACE] Russian Firms Giving Iran `Substantial' Missile Aid, says CIASays

Chuck Donaldson cwdonald@ix.netcom.com
Thu, 10 Aug 2000 23:01:36 -0700

> Russian Firms Giving Iran `Substantial' Missile Aid, CIA
> Says
> By Tony Capaccio
> Washington, August 9 (Bloomberg) -- Russian companies and
> state-run institutions in 1999 continued to sell ballistic
> missile technology to Iran, even after Russia agreed to
> curtail such transfers, the Central Intelligence Agency says
> in a new report.
> ``Despite some examples of restraint, Russian businesses
> continue to be major suppliers of weapons of mass
> destruction equipment, materials and technology to Iran,''
> the CIA said in the report, which covered the last half of
> 1999.
> The agency said the transfers will help Iran accelerate
> development of a ballistic missile, the CIA said.

    [Yet in a related leaked release, also from the CIA, we are told that if
we do defend ourselves the Chinese will make even MORE missiles than the 20
they have now (again aimed with incredible accuracy "at our children.")

So which is it, if we build the ABM system will the Iranians build even more
three stage Skuds with Russian help?  If we build the system in Alaska will
the Chinese also add additional missiles over and above the 20 they now
have?  Or, if we do nothing to defend ourselves, make no act that looks like
we actually intend on protecting ourselves they'll start writting love
letters to the New York Times?
So how does this work, we don't have an ABM system, we have delayed several
different versions for years and yet the Iranians are building medium range
missiles. We continue to test under limited funding and the Chinese continue
to build missiles, improve them and enhance their nuclear weapons with
Hacked American data. So. If I shut down Kwajalein, totally close down the
Army Ballistic Missile Agency, make White Sands into a parking lot will the
Asian ICBMs stop? Will the Mid East IRBM's stop? Or, do they intend to act
as they want no matter how weak we want the world to think we are trying to

> The CIA report is the latest confirmation that Iran, despite
> the emergence of a pro-Western, reformist movement, is still
> trying to develop long-range ballistic missiles capable of
> reaching Europe and the U.S.

    [Now why is that? So the US has targets to shoot at when a Libertarian
President inacts the ABM program in 2050?
   [A Good defense now is better than Perfect Defense never.]
> The quota expires Dec. 31, but the administration is mulling
> an extension. ``That is under active consideration,'' John
> Holum, the State Department senior adviser for arms control
> told reporters last month
        [I thought we were told the "Quota" was already unofficially
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