[FPSPACE] CZ3 and CIS launch pad question

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These (new) numbers are actually in use since the beginning of 1980s and
indicate the number  of the launch pad not Area, for example Area 81
(ploshadka) has to launch pads, the same is area 200. It is absolutely wrong
to translate "ploshadka" numbers as Pad number. "Ploshadka" is the term used
by construction organizations to indicate area or facility, there has never
been such thing as 81L, this was invented in the west. 



Anatoly Zak 

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Recently the Russians have started using some new launch pad numbers, not
corresponding to the traditional 'ploshad' numbers. Does anyone know why?

LC6 = LC31
LC24=LC81R. Paired Russian pads are designated 'left' (leviy) or 'right'
(pravda) looking north. Therefore LC81L would always be reported LC81L
whether using English or Russian; but LC81R might also be reported as LC81P.

	>>Is there a chart available somewhere with Plesetsk, Baikonur,
Kapustin Yar
> and other CIS launch pad designations ?
Full list of Baikonur sites at Asir Siddiqi's site:


Maps of Plesetsk, Baikonur, Kapustin Yar with space launch sites indicated:


Mark Wade

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