[FPSPACE] CZ3 and CIS launch pad question

Tristan Cools tcools@nic.INbe.net
Tue, 01 Aug 2000 23:15:40 +0200


I have several questions:

There is some confusion with which rocket the Chinese satellite Feng Yung
2-2 was launched on June 25.  Most sources say the CZ3 but some reports
indicate that this was done with the CZ3A.  Can somebody clarify this ?

Another question concerns the CIS launch pad designations:

On wich Proton launchpad was Sirius(2000-35A) launched: I have indications
that this could be LC81R, LC81P or Pad 24.  Maybe Pad 24 is LC81 R or P, I
don't know.

The latest Cluster launch with the Soyuz rocket was launched on LC31 and
others say Pad 6, is this simply Launch Complex 31, pad 6 ?

Another Proton Launch pad is LC200 which was used for Express 3A or does
this have another designation ?

Is there a chart available somewhere with Plesetsk, Baikonur, Kapustin Yar
and other CIS launch pad designations ?


Tristan Cools
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