[FPSPACE] double booking at Russian ISS docking port?

Anatoly Zak AZak@HQ.SPACE.com
Tue, 1 Aug 2000 13:27:28 -0400

Problem is UDM will not be ready by 2002, when both Enterprise and FGB-2
targeted for launch.

Anatoly Zak

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Subject: [FPSPACE] double booking at Russian ISS docking port?

http://space.com/news/spacestation/iss_docking_000731.html has a story about
the apparent double booking of Zarya's nadir docking port, Boeing/Khrunichev
one hand and SpaceHab/Energia on the other.  S/E claims to have a signed
contract for use of the port, but it sounds like if B/K is ready to go
that might render the contract moot.  (The arrival of the Universal Docking
Module several years from now could mean enough ports for everyone.)

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