[FPSPACE] Boeing Official Awarded Russian Space Medal

JamesOberg@aol.com JamesOberg@aol.com
Tue, 1 Aug 2000 08:24:04 EDT

Boeing press release:

Boeing Space and Communications President Awarded Russian Medal

London, England, July 31, 2000 -

The president of The Boeing Company's Space and Communications Group, Jim
Albaugh, has become only the second non-Russian ever to be awarded the
prestigious "Blue Planet" medal by the Russian Space Agency (RASA).  The
medal, presented for significant contribution in development of cooperation
between Boeing and Russian aerospace industry, was awarded at a private
ceremony after the Farnborough International Air Show.

"I am very proud to award Jim this medal for his significant contribution in
business between Boeing and Russia's aerospace industry, including the
International Space Station (ISS) project," said Yuri Koptev, RASA General

As prime U.S. contractor for the ISS, Boeing worked closely with Russia's
Khrunichev Space Center to build the station's first module, Zarya.
Albaugh's Seal Beach, Calif.-based Boeing unit also worked closely with
Russian contractors to integrate Russia's first major contribution, the
service module Zvezda, which last week successfully docked with the ISS,
clearing the way for continued ISS assembly.

Additionally, Boeing has worked with Russia's Energia Rocket Space
Corporation on the Sea Launch program, and with several Russian research
institutes for scientific projects.

Previous recipients of RASA's "The Blue Planet" medals have been Russian
rocket designers and aerospace company leaders for their respective
significant contributions in development of the industry.

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